Stature project aims

We’re yarnstorming Manchester Town Hall.

Town hall yarnstormingThe ground floor of Manchester Town Hall is brimming with portrait busts of people of achievement – the sculpture cafe hosts 16 busts; and a further 8 line the entrance corridor. But it’s an all-male cast; representations of women are conspicuously absent.

This monumental gender imbalance is repeated across the country – of  640 listed statues in the UK, only 15% are of women and most of those are of monarchs or mythological characters. Women of achievement are not rare exceptions to the rule; however women’s accomplishments have been under-represented and under-recorded.

We’re interested in reframing or revisioning the past; finding ways of bringing women’s achievements from the margins to the centre of culture so they are celebrated and valued accordingly. We want to highlight that, despite barriers to participating in the public sphere, women’s contributions have been many, varied, and exciting.

We’ve chosen eight amazing women from diverse backgrounds to celebrate, and we’re giving the man busts in Manchester Town Hall a craftivist crochet facelift.

Why crochet?

Traditionally dismissed as women’s work, craft has been undergoing a revival in the past few years. Germaine Greer called the resurgence of handcrafting ‘heroic pointlessness’ – but she missed the point. The act of creating functional items in the home was a strong contributor to women’s community-building, with techniques and patterns passed around sewing circles and from generation to generation, and provided women with a creative outlet where their other achievements were devalued.

a mask taking shape