Town hall bust gets Elizabeth Gaskell crochet makeover

Well it’s only 5 weeks now till our #StatureMcr exhibition opening.

Crochet maestro Helen Davies popped to Manchester Town Hall to do a fitting of her amazing Elizabeth Gaskell mask.

Helen & Liz

Helen half-tied, half-sewed the Liz mask on to the marble man statue.

Here’s a close up of the mask in place, looking good eh:


So writer Elizabeth Gaskell lived 1810-1865. Her books may have been burnt by mill owners and branded “dangerous company for unmarried females”, but we love the way she wasn’t afraid of raising the controversial issues of day. Her ultimate aim in writing was to do good, to make life better for people on the edge of society.

Here’s Elizabeth brightening up the line of white marble men:


At the start of the project we measured the statues so Helen could make snug fitting  masks. She’s also using cotton fibre padding to get that 3D effect.


Oooooph well a couple of scissor snips and she’s gone. Looking forward to seeing you again next month Lizzy


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