30 July –Stature installation restaged as Manchester Councillors vote on inspiring women statue resolution

Our Stature installation is testimony to the power of crochet and craftivism!


Us with Esther Roper installation

While Manchester’s public spaces are bulging with bronzes of important men, there’s no statue celebrating the achievements of a local woman. We thought this was a total stitch up and our craftivist installation aimed to highlight this monumental gender imbalance.

In February and March we transformed eight man busts in Manchester Town hall into celebrations of local women of achievement. Check out this write up for pics and details of the diverse group of women we celebrated.

Tomorrow we’re yarnstorming those busts again, as local Councillors vote on Andrew Simcock’s proposal to erect a permanent statue of an inspiring local woman.

Of 640 listed statues in the UK, only 15% are of women and most of those are of monarchs or mythological characters. Victorian sculptors often portrayed female characters like 3-D Page 3 models: passive, topless, with big hair. Municipal statues give out a strong gender message: men achieve important things, women look pretty.

Women’s accomplishments can be ignored, devalued, written out of history, leading to a lack of diverse female role models.

If Andrew Simcock’s proposal is given the go-ahead then a charitable trust would be established to oversee the fundraising, artist commission, and choice of women to be portrayed. The selection of artist and woman will ultimately be made by public vote, and the statue would be launched to coincide with International Women’s Day in March 2019.

We’ll keep you posted on whether the resolution gets passed.

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