BIG-UP FEMALE BOFFINS – banner completed

banner and case A couple of weeks back it was the closing celebration of A.T Boyle’s brilliant Colours, Community and Chemistry exhibition at People’s History Museum.

We set up a craft table and visitors made the last few tributes to hang on our community craftivist Big-Up Female Boffins banner.

Colour meanings

Colour meanings

We discussed the significance of colours and protest, & how votes-for-women movements used colour to brand and market their cause. Millicent Fawcett’s suffragist organisation adopted red, white and green; while the Pankhurst suffragettes adopted purple, white and green.

We highlighted the achievements of fabulous female boffins, and explored issues around the under-representation of women in science.

Here are some pics from the afternoon:

Crafting action

Bird’s-eye crafting action

Female boffins tribute

Pompom action

It's a snip

It’s a snip

Tribute to Rosalind Franklin, DNA pioneer

Tribute to Rosalind Franklin, DNA pioneer



Completed craftivist banner :-)

Completed craftivist banner 🙂

Thank you to everyone who made a tassel, pompom or boffin tribute for the banner 🙂


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