Still We Rise – exhibition & performance, People’s History Museum


Exhibition (9 – 22nd March) & performance (14 March, 12pm)

People’s History Museum, Manchester 

Shut Down Yarl's Wood

Last week a Channel 4 undercover investigation evidenced the state sanctioned abuse of women in Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre. These are issues that asylum seeking women have been speaking out about for years.

Over the past year SHUT DOWN YARL’S WOOD demonstrations led by Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) and Manchester Migrant Solidarity (MISOL) with Safety4Sisters have taken over some of the main squares in Manchester, as women fight to get their voices heard.

Come and hear directly from women who have experienced the horrors of Yarl’s Wood, and their ongoing fight for justice and sanctuary.

Still We Rise flyer

WAST    MISOL     safety 4 sisters

Reserve your place for the performance on 14 March using Eventbrite

Shut Down Yarl's Wood banners

Exhibition curated by Jenny White of Warp & Weft.
Part of the Wonder Women Radical Manchester programme

Wonder Women


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