About us

W&WWarp & Weft is an arts, crafts and heritage initiative celebrating diverse lives & voices.


We set up this site to promote our 2014 craftivist Stature Project.

   Stature 2014 pic Rise Up women Stature

We couldn’t help noticing that while there were plenty of man bronzes in Manchester, there was no statue celebrating the achievements of a local woman. We decided to highlight this monumental imbalance and yarnbomb the man statues in Manchester Town Hall transforming them into celebrations of local women. Helen crocheted fabulous masks representing eight inspiring Mancunian women, while Jenny researched their lives and got the town hall on side. We were chuffed when, part inspired by our installation, Councillor Andrew Simcock contacted us about plans for a statue of a woman in Manchester.

We now update this site from time to time with snippets of research and projects we’re involved in.

Jenny White is a community activist and researcher. She loves celebrating all things feminist and queer, and is drawn to those whose stories are not usually told. Jenny was one of the Community Curators who researched and designed the Never Going Underground exhibition at People’s History Museum exploring the fight for LGBT+ rights.

Helen Davies is an artist specialising in needlecrafts; she is interested in the social history of craft and women. She also makes monsters & knitted necklaces. Spot Helen’s Venus of Custard in Bob & Roberta Smith’s Art Party film.

Email: hellowarpweft(at)gmail.com