Esther Roper & Eva Gore-Booth – queer suffragists

Esther Roper and Eva Gore-Booth

* suffragists * pacifists * defenders of barmaids *

“we spent the days walking and talking on the hillside by the sea.
Each was attracted to the work and thoughts of the other,
and we soon became friends and companions for life.”

Esther Roper in Poems of Eva Gore-Booth,  Longmans, 1929

Esther and Eva meet & the 1901 census

Helping working class women have a voice

Barmaids Defence League demo in Northern Quarter

The Roundhouse, Ancoats

Urania journal

Love tributes & buried in same grave

Homophobic historians and ‘proof’ of lesbianism

This info on Esther & Eva was part of a pop-up display at People’s History Museum for LGBT History Month 2015.

Esther Eva PHM Feb 2015

Further info on Esther Roper and Eva Gore Booth:

  • Sonja Tiernan’s excellent biography: Eva Gore-Booth: An Image of Such Politics.
  • The Lesbian History Sourcebook: Love and Sex Between Women in Britain from 1780 – 1970, by Alison Ora and Annmarie Turnbull.
  • Britannia’s Glory, A History of Twentieth-Century Lesbians by Emily Hamer;
  •  ‘Challenging Presumptions of Heterosexuality Eva Gore Booth a biographical case study’ by Sonja Tiernan in Historical Reflections Reflexions Historiques, Vol 37 Issue 2 Summer 2011 pp. 58-71